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Eligibility – 10+2 Duration – 1 Year Part I                                                                              Part II
Fundamentals of Computer
Operating System (Dos , Window)
PC Packages
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
Tally or Fox Pro
Database Access
HTML , DHTML  or Front Page
Programming Concept in C and C++
Introduction of Oracle & Java
PageMaker or
Corel Draw
                      Part III
Mordern Method of Teaching and Personality Development
Skills in Computer Teaching
On Sight Computer Teaching ( With Certificate) ( 2 Months)
Final Examination
 Eligibility :  10 Minimum                                Duration : 1 Year
Theory Structure
(a) Child Psychology
(b) Child Care & Health Topics
Sociology and Guidance Topics
School Organization
Principal of Education and Educational
Mordern Method of Teaching and Teaching Topics
Working with parent Community
         Practicle Structure
Lesson Plan and Teaching Practical (15 Days)
markArt Files and Basic of English
Grammer or Basics Computer
Word Pad , Paint Brush and Educational Games
Nursery Rhymes , Group Songs
English Poems and Patriotic Songs and Viva
Pre – Primary ( Nursery ) Education
How to Create a Salary Sheet
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