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SARVA- As the name it self suggests for all so are the objective of the organization. SARVA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA COMPUTER EDUCATION AND SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY registered under the firm and society act, From Govt. of India N.C.T., New Delhi, S-54793.

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Uday Sharma

Uday Sharma


About Sarva Computer Saksharta Mission

Through the Govt. is taking major steps in influencing the computer education in the country but the participation of NGOs in spreading this vital utility technical education can’t be denied. After a through survey it was found that there is a lot of awareness of computers even in the remotest of areas but the general public can’t be equipped with the art firstly due to n affordable charges laid down by big private computer centers and also that the general public have some misconception in their mind about learning computers. SCSM with the help of several other NGOs, Govt. and non Govt. Organizations has been formed to help those people especially the students to learn computer who are till date hampered due to several reasons.

SCSM includes strong team of technical and management members comprising of computer Engineering, Management Professionals, Computer Professionals, Social Workers, Advocate, Doctors etc. All of them have a similar dream to help the country being technically sound and help India become IT Superpower in the near future.

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